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Contact: Dr. Jürgen Temme or Martin Löffler

ADVOS Lawyers are a supraregional law firm which is oriented in commercial law. The law firm is located in Düsseldorf, Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt am Main. Well-known international companies, insurance groups, forwarding agents and logistic service providers are among its clients. The law firm acts in an advisory capacity as well as in litigation for business clients and private clients.


It is part of ADVOS philosophy to advise and support clients in a competent and topical way by taking into consideration their commercial aims.

ADVOS Lawyers have specialized in different fields that you can find listed under the heading "Activities". Within the team that is leaded by the instructed lawyer all colleagues who can be of assistance for the solution of the legal question can and will be consulted. The client talks about his case with the lawyer whom he trusts and knows that "his" lawyer receives all information helpful for the solution from his colleagues within the ADVOS network of all four locations.

Also questions concerning tax law will be considered by ADVOS Lawyers who help the client by using the local cooperations with auditors and tax advisors at all four locations.

The member of the law firm Dr. Jürgen TEMME is one of the foun-ders of PROTEUS and initiated the foundation of ADVOS Lawyers together with his colleague Martin LÖFFLER. Since 1991 a lot of well reputated national and international clients have found their way to the offices.