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Avocats á la Cour, 5 Rue Lincoln - 75008 Paris, France 

Tel: (+33) 01 45 63 28 20

Fax: (+33) 01 45 63 28 12

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Contact: Jean-Frédéric Mauro

For many years a number of well reputed national and international clients find their way to the offices of Mauro, Chamozzi & Pierre.

The firm advises and undertakes litigation for insurance companies, trading companies, forwarders and transport companies, real estate project developers, advertising agencies, music production companies and management consulting companies as well as for a number of private clients.

The partners are specialised in different areas, but work together in their clients' interests. Languages spoken: French, German, English.

The members of the firm are:

  • Jean-Frédéric Mauro
  • Nicolas Chamozzi
  • Christophe Pierre
  • Jaques Mauro
  • Doris Schnurr
  • Miréne Geninet